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2024 Election

Laura Slams Buck and Gallagher: ‘Early Exit Gifts Dems Power’



In her recent monologue on “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham expressed her frustration with the current state of affairs in Washington, particularly focusing on the recent resignations of Republican congressmen Ken Buck and Mike Gallagher. Ingraham criticized Buck for retiring early, saying, “Is it that bad that you’re saying I’m done?” She also slammed his decision to sign a discharge petition for a massive foreign aid package, calling his resignation “selfish and petty.”

Laura was equally critical of Gallagher, noting the timing of his resignation as “especially telling.” She pointed out that by delaying his resignation until April 19th, Gallagher’s seat will remain vacant until next year, giving Democrats more power in the House. Ingraham questioned the motives behind these resignations, suggesting they are “politically timed to hurt the Republicans, hurt Trump, and help the Democrats.”

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The Fox News host also took aim at the Republican Party as a whole, calling it “the stupid party” for its internal conflicts and lack of serious commitment to cutting spending. She cited examples of wasteful spending in a recent $1.2 trillion bill and lamented the lack of enough serious Republicans in Congress who want to exercise real power by reducing expenditure.

Laura’s frustration extended to the potential consequences of these resignations and internal conflicts, predicting that by summer, Democrats might regain the House majority. She criticized the Republicans for putting their own egos and convenience ahead of the needs of their constituents, concluding that “each and every one of you deserves better from the people you send to Congress.”