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Kellyanne Conway: ‘We Should Be Talking More About Faith, Not Less’



Laura Ingraham was joined by former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to examine how liberals are slowly deteriorating faith in America. 

“You have so many Democrats who seem hostile to religion now. I think it’s partly why they’re losing voters of color. Because if you go into any Catholic church, you and I are both Catholic, in any suburb in this country on a Sunday, it’s multi-generations of Hispanics and Asian Americans filling up those pews in some of those masses,” Conway explained. 

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“And you have Democrats always offering us their thoughts, never their prayers. Big social science surveys. People are losing their faith. They feel lonely. They feel isolated. We should be talking more about faith, not less.” 

Related to the discussion of religion, Ingraham and Conway both agreed that the First Lady and Vice President Kamala Harris are no longer assets to President Biden and his re-election. 

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“Most people look at [Jill] as like a nurse, not a doctor to her husband at this point, and she’s more of an enabler,” Conway said. 

“If she were, if Jill Biden were an asset, she would keep her own campaign schedule. And when she starts to do even more of that, it’s only going to remind everybody that her husband lacks the agility, the ability, and the acuity to campaign for himself.”