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Getting Into A Dispute With Russia Over Ukraine Would Be Incredibly Moronic



No More War

Laura Ingraham said China and Russia appeared to be developing a closer relationship under President Joe Biden and argued that the U.S. should be wary about sparring with Russia over Ukraine on “Ingraham Angle” Monday.

Discussing a planned call for Tuesday between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ingraham said, “The sad fact is, Biden is so weak, that Putin feels perfectly confident to start issuing demands even before the talks begin.”

Russia ramped up its military presence, specifically its troops, by the Ukrainian border. Foreign policy experts believe Putin is preparing for an invasion potentially for next year.

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The Biden administration warned that it would make Putin’s expansionist dreams in Ukraine “very difficult.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. was prepared to impose “severe costs,” such as sanctions. Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014, and the Obama administration responded with economic sanctions.

Ingraham questioned whether “incompetents” such as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin would scare off Putin after being “humiliated in Afghanistan.”

She added that if Biden were really worried about Putin he would have pushed harder against the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline (an export gas pipeline that runs from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea) and would have prioritized keeping U.S. energy independent.

“If Russia is such a menace, why did Biden approve the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline? Why did Biden whip our own oil and gas industry, drive up the cost of fuel, and make Putin richer? If he were really worried about Russia, he’d want to keep our energy prices low. [But] the truth is, Biden gave Putin a huge amount of leverage and he is about to use it to embarrass Biden on the world stage.”

Ingraham went on to say that “getting into a dispute with Russia” over Ukraine escalations “would be incredibly moronic” as it would benefit China. Even if there is a legitimate reason to make conflict with Russia, “which we do not [have],” Ingraham said Biden and his team aren’t fit for the job.

“Biden and his team are totally in over the heads, and would certainly fail in any military action, just as they failed in Afghanistan … The bottom line is: Biden’s gang who can’t shoot straight must not be allowed to squander any American lives or resources on a desperate and unnecessary conflict with Russia. And any Republican that is stupid enough to support such an imprudent effort will end up exiled from the party. Just ask Liz Cheney how it feels.”

“We have to resist any effort to stir up tensions between Russia and the United States. Our military, economic and national security focus has to be on the danger presented by the CCP – we simply cannot afford to waste time and resources in a hopeless controversy over Ukraine. If anything, we should be looking for ways to peel Russia away from the CCP.”

Ingraham cautioned that the fact that “Russia and China seem to be getting closer is “a nightmare scenario.”