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Hunter Biden Failed To Report $400G From Ukraine: Email Shows



“In 2014, you joined the Burisma board and we still need to amend your 2014 returns to reflect the unreported Burisma income,” Eric Scherwin a former president of Rosemont Seneca wrote to Hunter Biden in January 2017. “That is approximately $400,000 extra, so your income in 2014 was closer to $1,247,328.”

The emails were first obtained and reported by NBC News.

Why did Justice Department keep Hunter Biden investigation covert?

Scherwing email indicates that Hunter Biden, reportedly earned the following:

  • – 2013: $833,614 (taxable income)
  • – 2014: $847,328 (*to be amended to $1,247,328)
  • – 2015: $2,478,208 (taxable income)

Scherwin also explains why in 2015 Hunter Biden went on to earn almost double the year before, noting that he received “$166,666 from Burnham (for RSA), $216,000 from Boies, $365,403 from Owasco (for RSA), $300,000 one time payment from Eudora (for the 1/3 of CitizensRx).”

“The above represents all the cash you received directly,” Scherwin wrote. “In addition, you reported $1,000,000 of income that all went to RSB and you reported $188,616 in income that also went to RSB.” 

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