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Democrats’ Freedom Problem



Laura Ingraham said the left has changed the narrative on freedom from something that once mattered, to now a “problem” getting in the way of the Democrat agenda Monday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham said with protests and freedom convoys around the world inspiring millions to take a stand against totalitarian measures, officials who thought they would never be held accountable are now becoming “desperate.”

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“Weak and ineffective leaders don’t change course even when COVID recedes, because I’ve said for almost two years now, this was never about the virus. It was about creating a compliant public, a compliant public that was kind of primed to obey the next lockdown order. No questions asked,” said Ingraham.

Ingraham went on to explain the myriad of ‘assaults’ on our basic liberties there have been.

“School closures deny children quality education that was the freedom to learn the facts, and max vast vaccine and mask mandates deprived us of our freedom to decide what we put into our own bodies. Stay-at-home orders destroyed small businesses while large corporations thrived. That was our freedom to work. Then Big Tech censorship where YouTube, Twitter, Facebook they acted as proxy speech police for the government, our freedom of expression. Anyone who didn’t tell the Fauci line, even treating physicians and renowned researchers were threatened. They were suspended, maligned and even banned completely,” said Ingraham.

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The host also highlighted multiple examples of Biden pushing back on the idea of freedom “I love how people talk about personal freedom. If you’re exercising personal freedom, should you put someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy? I don’t consider that being freedom,” said Biden, in one example.

“Never thought I would hear a president say something like that,” said Ingraham. “And the media picks it up and then repeats it with their own lame flourish. Now the message is to be afraid of those who want freedom,”

Despite this war on freedom from democratic authoritarians, Ingraham says that this “anti-freedom coalition” is crumbling.

“Even though the ends for them always justify the means, we know what was going on. And the press they did too, but they didn’t cover the stories that mattered. They covered them up. But here’s the good news. The anti-freedom coalition is unraveling.”

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