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Biden’s Remorse? Dems Fret Being Stuck with Kamala



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As I noted on the Ingraham Angle weeks ago, the Democrats are in a real bind with Kamala Harris. No honest person could disagree that she was selected to be Vice President not based on merit, but because she was “historic,” and a “first.” Thus, they are now saddled with someone who is both incompetent and resentful. Who wants that to be our heart beat away from the presidency, not to speak of the nominee in 2024?


Media accounts of late about her and the infighting among her staff are devastating. They are basically saying that Harris has a habit of blaming her team for her own mistakes and basic lack of preparation. The press has an obligation to get to dig further.

Consider the Hill’s account:

“The criticism directed at Tina seems misplaced,” said one longtime Biden aide who speaks to those in Harris’s orbit. “I don’t think people realize how tough it is to manage a demanding principal who doesn’t want to make mistakes and a young staff with very little executive branch experience. It’s still so early and she really needed someone with Tina’s experience to come in and guide the ship.”

“Let’s be real for a second: Kamala needed someone who is a task-master,” another strategist close to Harris said. “One of the knocks on Harris and her universe is that they’ve always been undisciplined, so it’s not surprising that they brought in someone who is a task-master, someone who could create a standard and isn’t afraid to tell the boss what’s up.

Another Democratic operative pointed to the vice president’s history of burning through staff and running undisciplined operations beginning with her time as attorney general in California.

“It would not be the first time that the sheer amount of focus principal management required of a chief of staff has detracted from the staff management side,” the operative said. “She almost needs two (chiefs of staff) because the skill set required to handle her is very different from that required of managing and empowering a big staff.”

And no, this is not a about her race or sex. This is about the basic skill set and experience that she lacks for this critical job.