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Ted Cruz: Democrats Are Panicking



Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Democrats are doomed to lose come time for midterms and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not go away quietly.

“They know they’re going to lose. And Nancy Pelosi is not going to go quietly. She is going to scream,” Cruz said Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle.” “She’s already preparing to scream.”

Ted Cruz: Democrats are doubling down on the extreme. Their policy is crashing and burning. The American people see inflation galloping across the country. They’re paying six and seven dollars a gallon for gas. They see the border complete and total chaos. We just passed another million illegal immigrants in this fiscal year, and we’re in March right now.

Biden Policies Wreak Havoc on U.S. Economy

They say they see the disasters of Biden’s policies assaulting our constitutional liberties, including a very liberal Supreme Court Justice nominee who we can expect to undermine our free speech, undermine religious liberty, undermine the Second Amendment and to be incredibly lenient on crime. All of the policies they have are a disaster. And amazingly, their foreign policy is even worse than their domestic and economic policy. And so right now, Democrats are panicking.

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