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Ingraham: Even The Left Knows Biden Is Making Gargantuan Mistakes



Laura Ingraham criticized Joe Biden for comments made about Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying they were the “most dangerous flub heard around the world.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Again, [Biden’s] staff had to scramble. A White House spokesperson later tried to clarify the president’s remarks, saying the president has been clear. We are not sending U.S. troops to Ukraine and there is no change in that position. But the most dangerous flub heard around the world were his ad libbed comments on Putin. 

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Why is he always screaming as well? Now, this was another instance of Biden playing pundit instead of acting like a president. Directly targeting Putin plays right into his hands, boosting his propaganda efforts back on the home front in mother Russia and making it less likely that he’ll take any off ramp even if one appears. Now, Reagan never said this during the darkest days of the Cold War, but Biden, he dismissed any diplomatic fallout today, playing cleanup man for himself. 

Every time they send Biden out to speak or they build up some speeches, a major address, he just digs himself and America into a deeper hole. It happens every time. Today, remember, it was supposed to be his chance to reassure our allies after his big speech last week, but he still couldn’t get it right and things again went sideways.

Biden’s Worst Week Ever

 OK. This would obviously be a dangerous escalation … The White House got the Swiffer back out, saying there are Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting on a regular basis with U.S. troops, and that’s what the president was referring to. Now, this has gone from sad to scary. He is the leader of the free world, he’s not an ordinary citizen kind of finding things out as he goes, or maybe he is at this point. But this is a really sensitive situation. Every word an American president utters has global repercussions. He is simply not capable of freelancing. But nevertheless, the dutiful dupes at CNN try their best to help in the impossible cleanup mission. 

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