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Sen. Bill Hagerty: US Doesn’t ‘Have The Ability To Go Electric’



Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., accused the left of having a low prioritization of American oil and security Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

SEN. BILL HAGERTY: [The Biden administration talks] about going electric. We don’t have the ability to go electric. We need Russia, we need China to provide the raw materials for that. What they’re doing is they’re going to Venezuela and Maduro. They’re thinking about maybe announcing that Iran will come to our rescue and release more oil into the markets. They want dirty oil from countries that are international killers. They will not deal with American drillers. 

[Sending billions overseas] seems to be a priority that’s very hard for me to understand. We’ve got desperate needs at home. If you look at my home state of Tennessee, fentanyl is killing our kids. And we won’t spend a dime to secure our own border. Yet, the call here in Washington is that we need to rush to the aid of other nations and spend billions of dollars to secure theirs. 

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