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Playing Women for Fools



The Ingraham Angle’ host Laura Ingraham blasted the Democratic Party’s fearmongering over the Supreme Court’s leaked draft decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, back in the seventies, eighties, even into the nineties, many liberals supported abortion for sure. But now liberalism is defined by abortion. There are no real pro-life Democrats in Congress. And good luck finding one in your friend group. Liberals in 2022 have zero hesitation about things like selling out to China, a dictatorship that brutalizes women who are Uyghers or Christians or who just are women who want to have big families. 

Liberals in 2022 line up with the military industrial complex which wants war with Russia. Liberals in 2022 support restrictions on movement, citing climate change, which is why they love the lockdowns. Liberals in 2022 support restrictions on speech under the bogus rationale of disinformation. And those same liberals who used to be about tolerance, now cite hate speech to bar people from speaking in public to be part of public life. 

Sen. Kennedy: Woke Democrats Want To Destroy America

They’ve evolved and changed and gone 180, liberals have on so many issues, but not on this one. It doesn’t matter how much fetal medicine has improved, or imaging, or the wide array of birth control that’s available or the number of couples desperate to adopt. Democrats have become abortion fanatics. It’s the most important issue among a handful of issues that make up their holy grail of issues. It’s a dreary, dark world they’re creating and one where women are the ones who really end up suffering the most. 

The left’s answer to everything, is, I don’t know, it’s kind of summed up by more pot, more porn, more abortions, more sexual identity, indoctrination in schools, more racial recriminations, more American traditions trashed, more statues smashed. Their idea of empowerment includes lovely activities like slut walks of joy. 

Former Trump Economic Adviser: It’s Biden Inflation, Not Putin Inflation

One leftist writer in Salon recently argued that women’s path to happiness means shrugging off prudence and proudly embracing promiscuity. But I think women are onto this game and they’re on to the game that the Democrats have been playing for a while now because they feel it, they know it, life is getting harder for them and their families, and they know who’s responsible. They’re smart. And as The Who sang, they’re not going to be fooled again. And that’s the angle.

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