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2020 Election

Pandemic fear-mongering the only way to scare people into voting for Joe Biden



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“‘Using the virus panic button is all they have,” said Laura Ingraham the host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday.  “It’s the only way to scare old people into voting for someone who seems more like an assisted living resident than future president, [and] as if on cue in the final week of the campaign, the media is looking to ‘Vice President COVID’ to do the live heavy lifting for old Joe.”

Media has been “breathlessly” covering spikes in coronavirus cases without noting the context that the number of confirmed cases will increase along with testing.

“We are getting a lot better at treating it,” Ingraham said. “But to keep Joe’s running mate front and center, the fear-mongering must remain at full tilt.”

“They said that this could go on through 2021 into 2022: That basically ended up being an endorsement for Joe Biden, of course. And hearing the drumbeat — we’re going to have universal masking, social distancing going into 2022, the financial markets took a hit today.”

Trump hits campaign trail while Joe Biden hides in the basement

“Investors clearly do not want more lockdowns, which would obviously put the brakes on our current recovery for tens of millions out of work.”

Trump has tried to keep the economy afloat while encouraging the development of therapeutics and vaccines.

“It was the president who dealt with the pandemic and then he decided to push a reopening allowing states to make their own decisions,” she said. “That decision saved countless jobs and lives and thankfully, we now have things like convalescent plasma therapeutics which we know work, and we know steroids can help later in more serious cases.”

“The notion that a national mandate will make any difference on COVID is a ludicrous distraction from reality,” said Ingraham.

“They have taken all the measures in Europe that Biden’s experts are pushing, like extended lockdown. Guess what’s happening now in the EU? France mandated masks … [has] widespread contact tracing, and now? A record number of new cases in France.”

Such proposed mathods are never going to control the virus because that’s not how viruses work.

“But Biden’s keepers will keep inflicting untold emotional, physical, and financial harm on the millions of Americans with their ‘strategy,'” said Ingraham. “We must not allow that to happen over a virus, even one as horrid and tragic, and awful as this one.”

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