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2020 Election

On Nov 3 we will choose a future of prosperity, and freedom — or one of decline, and lockdowns



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Joe Biden’s campaign “reeks of surrender,” Laura Ingraham host of  “Ingraham Angle” said Wednesday.

“Of course, he is talking about COVID,” said the “Ingraham Angle” host of the Democratic presidential nominee. “Neither the president nor his team has given up on anything. But Biden has. Everything about his presentation and his tone reeks of surrender. It is so bleak. He wants America to be permanently defined and changed and he’s all in for using this Chinese virus to do it.”

Pandemic fear-mongering the only way to scare people into voting for Joe Biden

Under Joe Biden leadership, the U.S. will mimic the “nightmarish” conditions in Europe, where lockdowns are severe and coronavirus cases are exploding. 

“Is that what we all want?” Ingraham asked. “Most Americans probably don’t realize what their lives will become in a Biden-Harris presidency. The media know the Democrat Party will be hurt politically if Joe’s coming shutdowns are widely reported now, thus they only report skewed data to scare grandma and suburban women into supporting Biden.”

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