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‘Lockdowns by Another Name’: Democrats Amass More Control Over Personal Lives



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In her “Ingraham Angle” monologue on Monday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham sounded off on the Democrats and political establishment’s implicit goal of a never ending “lockdown” of Americans from their God-given and constitutional freedoms, as well as their ability to have a government as President Lincoln envisioned.

“It was the first Republican president Abraham Lincoln who honored the fallen from the Battle of Gettysburg by noting that the ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this Earth’: In other words, the government work for us and not the other way around.”


“Lockdowns by another name,” she said. “While Democrats may pay lip service to Lincoln’s wisdom, they’ve proven themselves incapable of living up to that creed: For them it is more like a country of the elites, by the elites and maybe for the experts; I don’t know.”

Ingraham said the Democratic establishment operates the country as run by “technocrats” where “the people are treated as disposable commodities” who work not for themselves or their own betterment, but for political causes that Democrats deem worthy of billions in expenditures to achieve.

Ingraham said that America collectively is getting past the viral pandemic and that there is now a fight to keep civilians from regaining or retaining the rights, privileges and lifestyles they had in the past.


She pointed to Biden’s recent address in which he said the pandemic is being “put behind us” while bringing “systemic racism and climate change” to the forefront as new predicaments for the government to fix.

“No matter what the crisis is real or imagined, the solutions they offer will always create a dynamic where you end up with less freedom and they amass more power,” she said. “So when the Wuhan virus hit America, the experts let China off of the hook, brushed aside cheap and effective therapeutics and pushed lockdowns and school closures.”

“I don’t think Democrats were ever as happy as they were when things were shut down all across the country. They were ecstatic. There was a lot of self-care going on. There is a lot of me-time for Netflix, of course, and tending to herb gardens. It is not clear that Democrats ever want to go back to work as far as I can tell.”

She pointed to a new Gallup poll showing 71% of Democrats declaring they want people – including healthy ones – to stay home as much as possible.

Meanwhile, another poll showed that the group least at risk of infection at this point was the one most likely to be masked-up. 90% of those who have received the vaccine reported wearing a mask at least once in the last week, while 79% who have not gotten the jab said the same.

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