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Biden Admin More Interested in Helping CCP Than Protecting Our National Interest



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Laura Ingraham summarized the “facts” established this week that “show that our government…is apparently more concerned about helping the CCP than it is about protecting our national interest.

LAURA INGRAHAM: I want to summarize what has been a blockbuster week — one where we’ve learned a great deal about how our country really works.

This week, we have established the following facts:

Fact one:  Last night we heard a former U.S. Secretary of State — who also headed the C-I-A — tell us that when the Trump Administration tried to learn the truth about the origins of COVID, it faced opposition from its own career staff. 


Fact two: This week we saw e-mails from Doctor Fauci showing that he was warned about the possibility COVID leaked from a CCP-controlled lab.  Rather than trying to get to the truth about what had happened, he provided political cover for the CCP — while at the same time maintaining close relations with his colleagues in China. And last night, Secretary Pompeo let him have it. 


Fact three:  We know, beyond any doubt, that the Wuhan lab — the same lab where COVID may have been developed — was funded with your tax money. That lab was conducting experiments to make diseases stronger — and we were helping to pay for it. 

Together, these facts show that our government — paid for with our money — is apparently more concerned about helping the CCP than it is about protecting our national interest. This is intolerable.  Let us be clear:   

The CCP is an evil dictatorship that wants to destroy freedom everywhere on earth — including the United States. It murders and imprisons innocent people every day.  It has crushed freedom in Hong Kong.  It is committing genocide against the Uighurs. And it has enormous support from high-ranking U-S- officials nonetheless.