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Left’s Justifiable Racism Racket



Laura Ingraham accused the left of divisiveness in Wednesday’s opening monologue of “The Ingraham Angle.”

“This atmosphere of eggshell walking and nonstop racial recriminations drives people to their individual corners,” she said. “It breeds distrust. It separates us. But then again, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? The left doesn’t want us to get closer to each other. They only thrive when we’re at each other’s throats.”

Democrats trying to govern a country they hate

“The radical left can never be satiated, and since their polls are in the gutter, they’re going to resort to even more outlandish race-baiting, and no amount of apologies or donations will ever be enough,” she said. “It never is.”

“You must never apologize to those who play with racial accelerants.”

Al Sharpton met with the National Football League after former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores sued the NFL and three teams for allegedly racist hiring practices.

Podcaster Joe Rogan apologized for past racially insensitive comments, but “the vulture still swept in for more talons of flesh,” Ingraham noted.

Racial extortionists ride again

“The cultural Marxists getting rich off crying ‘racism’ — they don’t care what you said or what you did 10 years ago, five years ago, 30 years ago. They just want more money, and they want more power.” 

However, the left is “running into a brick wall of common sense, especially among young minorities.”

Ingraham reported that Black voters’ support for President Biden fell 10 points throughout the past year. Such support among Black Americans younger than 35 dropped by 24 points in 2021.

“The race card is not the only one of the left’s go-to weapons of choice against an America they’ve grown to despise, but it’s also a tool of distraction from their myriad policy failures,” she said. “The fact is, for decades now, Democrats have spectacularly failed — failed the very people they claim to be helping with all this racial hectoring.”

“The demands for reparations, their moves to remake school curricula and of course remake the workplace culture only breed more resentment and division.”