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2024 Election

Karoline Leavitt: Democrats in Disarray as Trump Dominates



In a recent segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” hosted by Brian Kilmeade on Fox News, Karoline Leavitt, the Trump 2024 national press secretary, delivered a scathing critique of the current Democratic leadership and expressed confidence in President Trump’s dominance in the upcoming election.

Leavitt opened by addressing the turmoil within the Democratic Party, stating, “The Democrats have gotten themselves into a serious mess, Brian, and they ultimately are going to be stuck with Joe Biden.” She highlighted Biden’s commitment to over 3,700 delegates at the upcoming DNC convention and his substantial fundraising efforts as barriers to replacing him as the Democratic candidate. Leavitt emphasized, “No matter what the Democrats do, and as you just played, Nancy Pelosi herself is throwing Joe Biden to the wolves. They know that they are in trouble with him.”

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She further criticized the Democrats’ handling of various issues, asserting, “President Trump will beat any Democrat that is on that ballot on November the 5th, because they have all been engaged in this massive cover-up in scandal, lying to the American people about Joe Biden’s cognitive state over the last three and a half years.” Leavitt pointed out the public’s dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party’s policies, citing concerns over the open border, inflation, and foreign policy. She argued, “The Democrat Party, as proven by the last several days, is the party of chaos. And we need common sense. We need a strong leader.”

When asked about Kamala Harris, Leavitt did not hold back. She remarked, “If Joe Biden is incompetent by senility, Kamala Harris is incompetent by stupidity.” Leavitt criticized Harris’s liberal stance on various issues and suggested that she would be an even less suitable leader than Biden. “Once the American people fully understand where she stands on issues like abortion, on crime, defunding the police, they will realize that she is certainly not fit to lead our country,” she added.

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Leavitt also discussed the latest fundraising numbers, where Trump raised $331 million in the second quarter, significantly surpassing Biden’s $264 million. She attributed this success to grassroots support, stating, “The average donation to our campaign is just over $70, which tells you that President Trump is building the greatest political movement that this campaign has ever seen.”

As the segment concluded, Kilmeade noted the unexpected competitiveness of the Trump campaign in traditionally blue states. Leavitt’s confidence in Trump’s re-election prospects was clear: “We are going to continue to raise money. We’re going to continue to use these resources to bring President Trump’s winning message to every corner of this country.”