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Laura: Young Americans Being Robbed of the American Dream



In a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Laura Ingraham stated the obvious: young people are being robbed of the American dream. 

According to a new survey by the Harris Poll for Bloomberg, roughly 45 percent of people ages 18 to 29 are still living at home with their parents. Most young adults cannot afford basic needs, let alone the downpayment and mortgage required to purchase a house. 

“If Democrats have their way for another four years, you’re all going to start feeling like Oliver Twist,” Ingraham warned. “You’ll have less and be expected to be happy with it – left begging the government for scraps. More power and control in Washington, less for you.”

The American Dream at Risk: Homeownership Challenges in Biden’s America

She added: “You’re going to start hearing things like ‘Who needs to own a home anyway? Renting is so much easier anyway. Houses just tie you down. You should just focus more on your work-life balance.’ Send me a memo when we’ve retired that phrase.”

In addition to keeping young Americans in a cycle of financial depression, Liberals, like Pete Buttigieg, are also fighting to ‘redefine patriotism’ by promoting EVs. 

“And if you don’t [give up gas], you’re just a Maga troglodyte,” Ingraham explained.  

“Now, if you’re a young voter, wake up before it’s too late,” she told viewers. 

“You don’t have to like everything about Trump or anything he does or says. But one thing he will not do. He will not turn the economy upside down, then gut your basic freedoms, and then tell you ‘get used to it.’ That is not the American way.”