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Laura: Disrespectful Protesters Target Christians During Holy Week



On March 30, 2024, Pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted an evening Easter Vigil Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. 

“During the holiest time of the year for Christians in New York’s Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, the faithful could not even enjoy the celebration of the resurrection,” Ingraham said during a recent monologue on her “The Ingraham Angle” show. 

“The pro-Hamas protesters believe their cause trumps everything else. It was disgusting at every level. But was their disrespect, their sacrilege, condemned by the White House, by our president, who calls himself a Roman Catholic? Of course not, because that would mean offending Muslim voters or left-wing activists.”

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Ingraham pointed out that instead of denouncing protestors on Saturday, Biden celebrated Trans Visibility Day which happened to coincide with Easter this year.

“If you’re going to commemorate godlessness, at least have some respect for Christians and wait to do so another day,” Ingraham pleaded. “The left already celebrates godlessness 24/7 anyway, so an internationally designated day, week, or month is frankly redundant.”  

She warned Christians that openly practicing their faith may make them “bigots or even potential domestic terrorists” in the eyes of the Biden administration. 

“They mandate total conformity and submission,” Ingraham explained. “If you question [the administration] at all, you’re an outcast. You might be a racist, misogynist, etc. and the only way that you can be a Christian and not be a bigot is to be a cafeteria Catholic. Or, you know, you can be more spiritual than religious. That’s usually okay.”