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Laura: The Untold Story of Afghanistan’s Failure



In a recent segment of “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham focused on the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, attributing the blame to the Biden administration and former military officials. Laura criticized the lack of accountability and the failure to execute a safe withdrawal, suggesting that the generals and Biden’s team were responsible for the chaos that ensued.

Laura pointed out the inadequacy of resources and troop levels, questioning the generals’ commitment to warning about the potential for significant U.S. casualties. She highlighted the absurdity of announcing a military withdrawal in a hostile country, only to delay the actual removal of personnel and equipment, leaving them as “sitting ducks.”

The commentary further delved into the 20-year involvement in Afghanistan, questioning the rationale behind the prolonged stay and the enormous financial and human costs. Laura lamented the billions spent on training Afghan troops, only for them to dissolve at the first sign of Taliban resurgence, underscoring the futility of trying to prop up a tribal society.

Laura criticized the military leadership for their inability to foresee the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and the ensuing chaos. She expressed frustration with the lack of real accountability, pointing out that key questions remain unanswered, and crucial documents and testimonies are still withheld.

The segment concluded with a call to action for voters to hold those responsible accountable in the upcoming elections, contrasting the unfair targeting of President Trump with the leniency shown towards the real wrongdoers of the Biden administration and the military. Laura’s commentary paints a picture of a failed policy, a lack of foresight, and a dire need for accountability in the aftermath of Afghanistan’s collapse.