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2020 Election

Judge Barrett: The anti-Christian bigotry within the Democratic Party is now undeniable



“We saw it coming for years, but with a possible Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic bigotry within the Democratic Party is now undeniable,” said Laura Ingraham the host of “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ingraham pointed out, the party’s de facto leader — presidential nominee and Roman Catholic Joe Biden — “is now presiding over a party that has an ugly vendetta against all people of strong traditional faith.”

“Do they even know the history of their own party?” asked Ingraham, who recalled that just 60 years ago, Democrat John F. Kennedy was elected president — becoming the first and, to date, only Roman Catholic to hold that office.

“I fully expect the upcoming confirmation hearing will showcase Democrats’ supreme desire to excommunicate the faithful from serving in any prominent capacity in government,” Ingraham concluded. “Their actions will once again demonstrate how fundamentally they misconstrue the Constitution, their proper advise and consent role and the function of nine justices who sit on the court itself.”

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