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How Republicans Can Defeat Biden And Radical Left



Laura Ingraham outlined a four-point plan that she believed would sail Republicans into victory on “Ingraham Angle” Monday.

“If the polls are right, this year should be one of great victories for the Republican populist movement. Across the country, the grassroots is unified behind policies that already make life better for working Americans of all backgrounds,” she said. “Meanwhile, their political opponents are angry and divided.”

Ingraham said that 2022 was only the beginning and that Republicans need a “governing agenda” in order to ensure their continued political success. “We can’t wait until 2024. We need members of Congress, who are ready to govern now. And committee chairmen who will use their oversight authority to keep the Biden administration in line. We need to draft legislation that can fix the broken policies still in place.”

The “Ingraham Angle” platform includes four planks.

The first addresses “saving our freedom.”

“Both the federal and state governments exceeded their constitutional authority in myriad ways. They destroyed countless lives in the name of public health. Their extended use of emergency authority without legislative approval was and is an abomination and anti-democratic. The consequences were devastating,” Ingraham said.