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Democrats’ Dangerous Mutation Into ‘Authoritarian Variant’



In her “Ingraham Angle” commentary on Tuesday, host Laura Ingraham said Democrats are “mutating” classical liberalism into a much more authoritarian and illiberal political system, which they are currently foisting upon the American people.

Ingraham said liberals used to be typified by “peace, love, and understanding” – while they now are synonymous with heavy-handed and freedom-restricting tactics from officials like President Biden, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Democratic caucuses in Congress.

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The host noted that on what will be de Blasio’s last day in office, December 31, he is enacting one last parting edict upon the people of America’s largest city – banning unvaccinated Americans from Times Square during the annual New Year’s Eve festivities.

On “The Ingraham Angle“, the host added that liberals like de Blasio used to be “non-threatening hippies who waxed poetic about things like world peace, tolerance, and free speech for everyone —even those with the most reprehensible views. Say what you want about the “Flower Power” crowd, but they understood the First Amendment applied to all and not a select few.”

“But over time, that ‘live and let live’ spirit gave way to a dark, twisted variant – it turned out that dominating in politics wasn’t as easy as dominating in universities.  Convincing voters that your policies will improve lives requires more than messaging skill – it requires sound policies,” she added.

With Biden flailing and his agenda failing the “more infectious and dangerous mutation” of liberalism is spreading through Democrats ranks, she said.

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“We just learned from whistleblower documents that Biden’s FBI is now tracking so-called ‘threats’ against radical edu-crats who pushed lockdowns and the CRT insanity –  and by ‘threats,’ they, of course, mean ‘uncomfortable questions or criticisms from concerned parents’.”

“So much for those “Question Authority” bumper-stickers that used to be all the rage among liberals. Now they celebrate authoritarian tactics as long as they’re used against their political opponents.”

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