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Biden and Fauci seek to keep Americans ‘under their thumb’



“A year ago, we had a booming economy. We had strong borders and a whole host of rights and privileges that we took for granted, like the right to travel without being surveilled and questioned, the right to worship without restrictions, the right to have your kids attend school, the right to speak freely on most social media platforms, the right to walk in the park or anywhere without a mask or two or three on your face,” said Laura Ingraham the host of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News.

“But the arrival of the Chinese virus followed by the idiotic lockdown policies of blue state governors and then, of course, defeat of Donald Trump led to a less free, less prosperous, less optimistic America.”


“I believe we’ll be approaching normalcy by the end of this year, and God willing, this Christmas will be different than the last,” Biden continued. “But I can’t make that commitment to you. There are other strains of the virus. We don’t know what could happen in terms of [vaccine] production rates. Things can change. But we’re doing everything the science has indicated we should do.”

If that was the case, Ingraham responded, every public school kid in America would be back in class right now.

“Now Biden says schools still can’t open because of things like, ‘We need more bus drivers so the kids can socially distance. By the way, you all need new HVAC systems,'” she said, citing the laundry list of teachers’ union demands.


“The virus and data, real science, they are not cooperating with the control freaks,” Ingraham added, pointing to charts showing a steep drop in virus cases, hospitalizations and deaths nationwide.

“Smart Americans see this. And contrary to what the CDC director said this week, our citizens aren’t just suffering from COVID fatigue. It’s more than that. They are seeing the truth slowly emerge about how Biden and company are plotting to forever change America and use the virus to do it.”

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