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Alabama Attorney General: Biden Admin ‘Doesn’t Want To Deport Drug Traffickers’



Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall discussed the reasons behind a lawsuit against the Biden administration on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday, saying it doesn’t want to deport criminals.

STEVE MARSHALL: It’s a significant problem, and yet we have this administration … doesn’t want to deport drug traffickers [and] aggravated felons … And hopefully our lawsuit is one of the ways of forcing this administration to do what Congress told them they shall do. 

You’ve seen this administration on countless occasions do everything they can to enhance border crossings … The net result of that is not only our communities being less safe, but also we’re allowing people that Congress has already identified as more likely to commit crimes in communities once they’re released. And that’s who … [the] Biden administration is not deporting and sending back to the countries where they came from. 

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