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Rats Run Rampant in Police Stations: Shocking Solution Revealed by Billy the Exterminator



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham welcomed Billy Bretherton, more famously known as Billy the Exterminator, to discuss deplorable conditions growing inside police facilities.

“The uncleanliness is off the charts… People shouldn’t have to come to their office and see rodent droppings on their desk,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick described to the city council on March 13, 2024. “In the evidence property room that you took a tour of… major rodents on the floor, the cockroaches, the rats eating our marijuana. They’re all high.”

However, Billy assured Ingraham that rats do not, in fact, get high like humans do.

“They’re mammals just like us,” he explained. “But THC has to be burned for it to take effect. So then just eating the raw, weed without it burning won’t get them high.”

Instead, he pointed out that food, garbage and water are the ultimate “trifecta” for a successful rat infestation and that the key to rat extermination is defeating the rodents early on.

“If you have the trifecta, they’re going to be extremely difficult, to get rid of,” Billy said.

“What I would do, there’s a product called zinc phosphide. They’d have to close, like, the, police station down for a day or two. And when they put that, zinc phosphide out, I guarantee you every rat’s going to die.”