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Hunting as a Lifestyle: Eva Shockey’s Take on Sustainable Living and Family Bonding



Eva Shockey grew up around a family of hunters, however, it wasn’t until she was on her own in college that she discovered the shocking cost of groceries and decided to take on the practice of hunting herself.

“I really didn’t understand how expensive meat was and that was back in the day when I started hunting. Now meat and groceries are so expensive,” the influencer explained on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ 

“Say a steak is $10-15, you can go get a hunting license here in North Carolina for under $50. If you get a deer, it’ll serve your family for the whole fall. That’s with just meat instead of getting all these individual steaks.”

Although Shockey might not look like the stereotypical hunter, she has managed to turn hunting into a functional lifestyle.

“It really is something when you say you look at me and you don’t think of a hunter, I mean, hunters are not, we’re not Elmer Fudd anymore. Things have really changed over the years, and anyone can do it,” Shockey said. 

“If you get a bow, I would shoot my bow. You can get out there, you can target practice, you can spend time in the outdoors with your family… There’s no antibiotics and all that kind of stuff that we’re putting in our body. It’s really a win-win.”