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Don’t Expect The Elites To Give Up Power Easily



Laura Ingraham said she believes “the elite,” especially those who gained prominence during the novel coronavirus pandemic, do not want to return to a pre-COVID-19 world on “Ingraham Angle” Tuesday.

Ingraham believes they are afraid if COVID-19 becomes less relevant then they would as well. “The elites are afraid that the House of COVID, which they built on sand, is about to be washed away for good,” she said. “They’re going to cling to [power] with a white-knuckle fury.”

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“The Great Reset cheerleaders” will always look for ways to implement restrictions, according to Ingraham. “There’s always going to be a new variant to justify more lockdowns, … mandates, [and] more controls.”

The Fox News host believes the elites hate the freedoms in America, especially the Constitution, which was designed to prevent tyranny. “Our entire constitution, its principles properly upheld, is a huge obstacle for the one-world crowd. The First Amendment, the Second, the Fourth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment – they all guarantee protection to individuals against the oppressive actions of the state.”

“It’s obvious that most of our elites prefer China‘s system of government, where dissenters are easily silenced. No exceptions made. Population control, lockdowns, mass surveillance, propaganda in the schools – the elites really aren’t bothered by any of that. As long as they keep their professional perches and money flowing,” Ingraham said.

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“They prefer the Chinese way. No need to explain. Just do what you’re told or else. Again, the elites like it that way. But the truth is, even with all their money and all their power, the elites are running into reality. Their ideas just don’t work. Their solutions for mass control fail.”

The only solution to the conundrum posed by the elite’s greed is “to take their power away and there will need to be consequences for the decisions that were made that harmed our kids, caused needless suffering and death, and turned our economy upside down,” Ingraham said.

Ingraham added that the elites must be replaced with new ones. “We’ll have to elevate our own elites. Like some of the voices we featured on this show over the past two years, they’ve been consistently right yet vilified for their courage and tenacity.”

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