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Biden’s ‘problem creators’ usurping Americans’ rights



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“The Democrats are great at one thing,” said Laura Ingraham on Wednesday. “Identifying problems that in reality can never be solved, then promising to fix them, and then pushing policies that only make things worse, at which point the same Democrats simply demand that you sacrifice more of your money and your rights. Then rinse and repeat.”

The truth, Ingraham said, is that “the so-called experts never liked the idea of the freedom-loving Americans doing what they want when they want to do it. COVID is their chance to shut you down. They are taking it.”

The only proper response to what the host called the “disappearing goalposts” set by President Biden and his chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci is to “just ignore them altogether.”

“There is nothing more aggravating to a liberal than independent-minded Americans doing what Fleetwood Mac sang about all those years ago and just going their own way,” Ingraham said.

Turning to the burgeoning border crisis, Ingraham described the situation as a byproduct of the administration’s “quixotic quest to establish a more humane immigration system.

“Biden is luring people to the border in record numbers,” she said. “Almost all of them will be able to stay. They will flood our public schools. They will get free health care. Food stamps. Housing assistance. You name it. Well, what do we get in return? Well, potential COVID superspreaders. That is what.”

“Remember what we kept telling you,” Ingraham concluded. “The left cannot fix anything, because all they can do is make empty promises, like the promise that everything will be better in a few months if you just stay home and wear a mask.”

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