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Angle: The Post-Americans



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Laura Ingraham analyzed how the government enacted measures that harm our children and perpetuate the already surveilled state Wednesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: The nine-hour raid at Mar-a-Lago, the perpetual expansion of the surveillance state on bogus grounds, the long pandemic lockdowns that harmed children, closed businesses and churches even. The endless re-upping of emergency COVID powers, the destruction of historical markers and statues, the use of big tech as proxy censors for the current regime. 

All of this, all of it points to one ugly, inescapable conclusion. Our government is being run by a cadre of powerful, post-American forces. Our current political leadership acts as though our Constitution and the freedoms protected by that Constitution are no longer valid. There’ll always be a reason for them to ignore our Constitution these days, like systemic racism. They’ll talk climate change or another COVID variant, maybe gun violence. Jan. 6. And they won’t explicitly say it, at least not yet. 

But they don’t want us to live under a Constitution that leaves the primary decision-making to the people of the 50 states, nor do they want the designation American citizen to really have any special meaning at all for any of us. So we’ll retain any rights or privileges for being American citizens? No — because if they believed in the sanctity of U.S. citizenship, they would enforce the border. They wouldn’t leave it open for millions to enter and just stay here. But if the Constitution isn’t what protects America, what will?

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