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Angle: Globalists Are On The Run



Laura Ingraham discussed how globalism is beginning to crumble around the world and how people are starting to push back against the globalist agenda on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: That was all wishful thinking. From supply chain nightmares, to food and fuel shortages, to pointless wars — massive refugee crises. The wheels are slowly coming off the globalization train. Now, the media hate to report on this, but one of the big stories playing out over the summer is the rise of the freedom movement. 

I’m talking about normal people around the world who are pushing back on the globalist agenda that’s essentially dominated our politics since the 1990s. Now, too often we’re told that it’s Americans. They’re the only ones who have concerns about globalization and what it means for our culture and our economy and our way of life. 

But around the world, working people are now pushing back against a system that is making a small sliver of the population very rich while harming the interests of the vast majority. So if I told you, for example, that farmers who are furious about high costs and regulations were marching against government climate fanatics, I don’t know. You probably think it was happening somewhere in rural America. But as we reported last night, it’s happening in the Netherlands. 

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