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Dems Climate Agenda Will Take ‘More of Your Money and Your Freedom’



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Fox News host Laura Ingraham ripped the Democrats and climate change “greeniacs” who “ignored the human suffering” of “draconian” COVID-19 rules on Wednesday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” claiming the drop in carbon emissions during lockdowns left activists “giddy” and paved way for the exploitation of “another hyped crisis”–climate change.

INGRAHAM: Now, remember, the left believes that America isn’t exceptional, it’s systemically racist, and that means we shouldn’t be any better off than the rest of the world. So the greeniacs saw an opening when the global economy, due to covid, cratered last year. Because of the lockdown’s closures and reduced demand. Carbon emissions fell by about 2.6 billion Metric tons, which was a seven percent drop from the year prior. Climate change activists who ignored or dismissed the human suffering caused by these draconian COVID rules were positively giddy 

But after some fits and starts, we won the COVID debate. Their so-called public health experts were wrong on everything from lockdowns to masks to social distancing. Those measures inflicted enormous economic, educational and psychological harm to adults and children alike 

Yet now we see the usual suspects lining up to exploit another hyped crisis. Of course, I’m talking about climate change, and the end goal is the same. They want more of your money and your freedom. And if they have to take extreme measures to accomplish this, oh, they will, unless we’re ready for them. So if we apply the lessons learned in our battle against the COVID lockdowns, I’m confident we can stop them and we can win this.