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Dems are ‘super-spreaders of fear, false information and hypocrisy’



If it were up to Dr. Anthony Fauci, you couldn’t get your freedom back, or ever take off your masks, unless a magical – and ever-changing – percentage of Americans get the vaccine. He does not think you should have your own freedom to manage your own risk profile.

Since everyone who wants a vaccine can get a vaccine now – how does this make ANY sense whatsoever? And what happened to the liberals’ favorite go-to line – ‘my body, my choice’? That’s out the window. Now it’s apparently ‘your body, Fauci’s choice.’ These people are super-spreaders of fear, false information, and hypocrisy. And as a result, more Americans are just tuning them out. Even those living in in deep blue states like Massachusetts they’re now protesting the arbitrary rules.