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GDP numbers more proof of ‘the Great Trump Recovery’

“Today’s third-quarter GDP report is astounding, 33.1% on an annualized basis,” Laura Ingraham the “Ingraham Angle” host said on Thursday. “And remember, it wasn’t so long ago that the ‘experts’ had a different GDP in mind.

Media pundits are downplaying the numbers as “the easy part” of the recovery, so “if President Trump’s stewardship of our economy was so obvious, why is it that every other country in the G7 is doing much worse?” asked Ingraham.

“The Wall Street Journal survey of economists has us only down 3.6% for the year, markedly better than what the IMF estimates that every one of our European counterparts [will see],” Ingraham continued. 

Joe Biden and his team would have put American in a far worse place, an allusion to Democrats’ acceptance of and support for more draconian lockdown measures and dire warnings.”

On Nov 3 we will choose a future of prosperity, and freedom — or one of decline, and lockdowns

President Trump, having seen what a media superstar Dr. [Anthony] Fauci had become, he couldn’t just let Fauci decide everything from when it is safe to get on a train to when your kids can play t-ball again,” Ingraham said. “The media would’ve loved that, all those daily COVID briefings, all the talk of shared sacrifice as they headed off to the Hamptons to blow off steam on the weekends.”

“In Florida today, Biden claims that the president endangered the country by not listening to the experts,” she concluded. “No, Joe. Trump likely saved us by resisting their unproven strategies that somehow, someway, always lead to more power for them and less freedom for us.”

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