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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
  • Hours 1-3:
    Sen. Sessions outlines massive cost of amnesty
    Sen. Sessions outlines massive cost of amnesty

    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) came on the show and cited a 2007 study that estimated the enormous expense a path to citizenship could portend for the American people. "It's going to be damaging to the budget," Sessions remarked. "Robert Rector estimated that legalizing in 2007...would have cost 2.6 trillion dollars over the lifetime of the people who would be benefitting from it." Sessions went on to emphasize that his responsibility is to the American people. "My primary obligation, my moral duty is to my American citizen constituents who I represent..."

  • Hours 1-3:
    Sen. Rubio hashes out requirements for immigration reform
    Sen. Rubio hashes out requirements for immigration reform

    Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) elucidated his demands for immigration reform today on the show. Laura, however, was extremely skeptical of an eventual path for citizenship. "If in 5 years we've seen a bigger influx of people coming here illegally, then this bill will have been a failure," she asserted. "I won't support anything that will lead to that. If that's what this bill turns into it won't have my name on it," Rubio maintained.

  • Hours 1-3:
    Sen. Vitter on Rubio immigration plan: "Amazingly naive... I think he's nuts"
    Sen. Vitter on Rubio immigration plan: "Amazingly naive... I think he's nuts"

    Later in the show, Senator David Vitter (R-LA) drove home his opposition to the "Gang of Eight" comprehensive immigration reform and specifically rebuked Senator Rubio. Laura noted that in their interview, Rubio claimed his plan did not offer a pathway to citizenship. But Vitter responded: "As soon as you give [illegal immigrants] legal status, they are here legally forever, and probably they're citizens not that long after. If Marco thinks... that's not going happen, I think he's nuts."

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