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December 09 2016
Mike Huckabee
Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate.
December 09 2016
Roger Pielke Jr.
Political scientist and Environmental Sciences Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder
December 09 2016
Francis French
Space author, educator, and speaker
December 08 2016
Ed Rollins
Longtime Republican Strategist, national campaign director for the Reagan/Bush 1984 campaign.
December 08 2016
Gregory Magarian
Professor of Law at Washington University
December 08 2016
Michelle Malkin
Conservative blogger, political commentator, author, host of the new show Michelle Malkin Investigates on CRTV
December 08 2016
Holly Scheer
Writer & Editor on Politics, Culture, Theology, & Parenting.
December 07 2016
Pat Buchanan
Former senior advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, political commentator and author.
December 07 2016
Michael Pillsbury
Defense policy adviser, former government official, and author of books and reports on China.
December 07 2016
Craig Shirley
Author of multiple Ronald Reagan books, public affairs consultant.