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July 28 2016
Governor Mike Pence
Republican Party nominee for Vice President.
July 28 2016
Craig Shirley
Reagan biographer and New York Times bestselling author.
July 28 2016
Dinesh D'Souza
Creator of Hillary's America, in theaters now.
July 27 2016
Guest Host: Raymond Arroyo
July 26 2016
Guest Host: John Hinderaker
July 25 2016
Guest Host: John Hinderaker
July 21 2016
Bob Costa
National Political Reporter, The Washington Post
July 21 2016
David Brooks
Columnist for The New York Times, political commentator & published "A Road to Character"
July 21 2016
Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee
July 21 2016
Don Trump Jr.
Businessman & first child of real estate developer Donald Trump