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February 05 2016
Guest Host: Betsy McCaughey
February 04 2016
Donald Rumsfeld
Former Secretary of Defense
February 04 2016
Dick Morris
Political Analyst, adviser to former Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and former President Clinton
February 04 2016
Steve Moore
Senior Economic Contributor at FreedomWorks, Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation
February 03 2016
Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner
February 03 2016
Jerry Falwell Jr.
President, Liberty University
February 03 2016
Stacey Dash
An American actress, known for starring in the 1995 feature film Clueless
February 02 2016
Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)
February 02 2016
Bob Costa
National Political Reporter, Washington Post
February 02 2016
Rep. Steve King (R-IA)