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How to fight the lone wolf
Charles Krauthammer: The Washington Post
The lone wolf is the new nightmare, dramatized and amplified this week by the hostage-taking attack in Sydney. But there are two kinds of lone wolves - the crazy and the evil - and the distinction is important.

The Assault on 'Broken Windows' Policing
William Bratton And George L. Kelling: The Wall Street Journal
Recent tragic incidents involving the New York City Police Department-including the death of Eric Garner, who was being arrested on Staten Island...

Obama gives the Castro regime in Cuba an undeserved bailout
Editorial Board: The Washington Post
IN RECENT months, the outlook for the Castro regime in Cuba was growing steadily darker.

Obama and Cuba: The Triumph of Ideology over U.S. National Interests
Elliott Abrams: National Review
The American Left has loathed the embargo and overlooked all of Castro's repressive actions since the 1960s.

Jeb, the Chamber's Water Boy
Michelle Malkin: National Review
Allow me to unite America's left, right, and center in just three words: No, Jeb, No.

Is Jeb Ready for Hillary?
Jim Geraghty: National Review
Back in 2005, Peggy Noonan wrote about the increasingly public friendship between George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton

The True Victims of Torture
Deroy Murdock: National Review
New York - I personally pledge to purchase for the Central Intelligence Agency as much Kleenex as needed so that those whom it waterboards can dry their noses after detailing their plans to exterminate Americans.

Tortured Reasoning
Thomas Sowell: National Review
Critics and defenders of the harsh interrogation methods applied to captured terrorists can argue forever over whether those methods were "torture."

Epitaph for Hope and Change
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
A perfect storm brought into power Barack Obama, a previously little-known Illinois community organizer.

The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis
Michelle Malkin: Real Clear Politics
In Manhattan's Union Square last week, a protester wielded a menacing sign. It didn't make the front page of any newspaper. You didn't see it on cable news.

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