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Irresponsible Choices
Thomas Sowell: National Review
The latest Gallup poll indicates that 14 percent of the people "moderately disapprove" of Barack Obama's performance as president and 39 percent "strongly disapprove."

The New World Disorder
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
In just the last five or six years the world has been fundamentally transformed.

The Answer to Corporate 'Inversion'
Charles Krauthammer: National Review
The Obama administration is highly exercised about "inversion," the practice by which an American corporation acquires a foreign company and moves its headquarters out of the U.S. to benefit from lower tax rates abroad.

Rotherham's - and England's - Shame
John O'Sullivan: National Review
We often read or hear from the media that a nation is "shocked" or "horrified" by the revelation of some crime or government scandal. It is almost never true.

Obama's Hazy Sense of History
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
President Obama doesn't know much about history. In his therapeutic 2009 Cairo speech, Obama outlined all sorts of Islamic intellectual and technological pedigrees, several of which were undeserved.

And Justice for None in Ferguson
Lee Habeeb: National Review
In what's perhaps the best book written on the subject of race, intolerance, and mob justice, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird homes in on the trial of a black man, Tom Robinson, falsely accused of rape by a white girl and her family.

He Has a Dream
Maureen Dowd: The New York Times
As he has grown weary of Washington, Barack Obama has shed parts of his presidency, like drying petals falling off a rose.

More Policing Means Less Violence
Thomas Sowell: National Review
The political Left has been campaigning against the use of force since at least the 18th century. So it is not surprising that they are now arguing that heavily armed or aggressive police forces only inflame protesters and thus provoke violence.

The Madness of 2008
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
America is suddenly angry at the laxity, incompetence, and polarizing politics of the Obama administration, the bad optics of the president putting about in his bright golf clothes while the world burns.

Eric Holder, Racial Profiler
Andrew C. McCarthy: National Review
Why has a federal civil-rights murder investigation arisen out of the tumult in a St. Louis exurb? There is only one plausible reason: Eric Holder is guilty of racial profiling.

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