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How Donald Trump Is Winning Over Anti-Wall Street Republicans
Sahil Kapur: Bloomberg
It may sound absurd that a super-rich real estate mogul who peddles opulence is enticing voters who are fed up with the finance community.

Where's Trump's GOP support? Almost everywhere
Jason Noble: USA Today
Donald Trump's appeal cuts across several of the Republican Party's various and often divergent factions, attracting pluralities of both tea party and establishment voters to his candidacy.

Trump Is Setting the GOP Agenda
Matt Latimer: Politico
Remember way back to two weeks ago when the Donald Trump candidacy was the best thing to ever happen to Jeb Bush? The billionaire business mogul would distract the other contenders for the nomination, the Bush team assured pundits all over Washington. Trump is "other people's problem," declared Mike Murphy, chief strategist of the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to Rise. The Donald would allow Jeb to just keep on chugging along. Bush would become the safe and responsible brand-the Honda Odyssey of 2016-to which panicked Republicans would eventually flock.

GOP establishment plans Trump takedown
John King: CNN
Mitt Romney rumblings, a setback for President Obama, money issues for Jeb Bush, and the GOP establishment debate about trying to take down Donald Trump -- those stories filled our Sunday trip around the "Inside Politics" table.

Eric Cantor Endorses Bush
Keith Koffler: Lifezette
Many in the "mainstream" media act like they are members of an exclusive club that protects and covers for its members no matter what. High-profile journalists, along with the GOP establishment, have decided real estate mogul Donald Trump is a populist vulgarian who needs to be removed from the scene.

Donald Trump clobbers the media, continues to steamroll showboaters and attackers
Keith Koffler: Lifezette
Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor endorsed Jeb Bush for president Thursday evening. "Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term vision for this country and the practical know-how to implement it," Cantor said in a statement. This gives the Bush camp a backer with strong ties to the business community who may be able to marshall significant cash and corporate support for the former Florida governor.

Jorge Ramos Is an Immigration Activist Posing as a Reporter
Ian Tuttle: National Review
Donald Trump might not have paid for that microphone, but he sure as hell owned it. At a press conference in Iowa on Tuesday, Trump had barely reached the podium before Jorge Ramos, superstar anchor for Spanish-language network Univision, began interrogating him about his immigration platform. Trump, who already had called on a different journalist for the first question, told Ramos to be quiet and wait his turn. Ramos refused: "I have the right to ask a question," he declared. At a nod from The Donald, security escorted Ramos from the room.

Donald Trump's appeal - an Obama for the right
John Podhoretz: NY Post
Donald Trump keeps rolling along, with new polls (caveat: polls stink) showing him far ahead of the GOP pack in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Jeb Bush Falls Into a Trap
The Editorial Board: NY Times
Jeb Bush went to the border town of McAllen, Tex., on Monday to raise money and to talk about immigration, in English and fluent Spanish. Because the Republican presidential campaign has been so fixated on border security and the immigrant peril - thank you, Donald Trump - it was a chance to see how the supposed expert on this fraught subject handled it.

Crash Increases the Odds of President Trump
Charles Gasparino: NY Post
Crashing markets and floundering economies amplify voter anxiety - just like they did in 2008, when they helped propel into the White House a one-term US senator and "community organizer."

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