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NBC's Cognitive Dissonant Hack Syndrome
Michelle Malkin: Townhall
I've always thought entrenched left-wing journalists in Washington needed their heads examined. Much to my satisfaction, it appears the corporate media bosses of at least one Beltway anchor now agree.

A Lack of Affirmative Action Isn't Why Minority Students Are Suffering
Ron Christie: The Daily Beast
The Supreme Court let states ban race as a factor in college admissions. That's a good first step toward race-blind education that can focus on root problems.

Poor Paul Krugman
Andrew Stiles: The Washington Free Beacon
Last week, Gawker reported that New York Times columnist/New York Times best-selling author/ABC News contributor/Nobel Prize-winning economist and textbook author/Leigh Bureau featured speaker Paul Krugman will make $225,000 for nine months of "work" at the City University of New York's Luxembourg Income Study Center, a research department devoted to the study of income inequality.

Judd Gregg Was Right
James Taranto: The Wall Street Journal
It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. In February 2009 a new Democratic president reached across party lines and nominated a Republican senator, New Hampshire's Judd Gregg, as commerce secretary.

Vox's Deportation Myths
Jessica M. Vaughan: National Review
On March 11, Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledged to the House Appropriations Committee that claims of "record" deportations by the Obama administration that surpass the performance of earlier administrations were, to use the president's words, "a little deceptive."

The True Opponents of Immigration Reform
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
Solving the illegal-immigration problem should not be hard. No one knows how many foreign nationals are residing illegally in the United States - estimates range from 11 million to 20 million. But everyone understands that it is an untenable situation that must be addressed.

Coalition of the Disappointed
Wall Street Journal: The Wall Street Journal
You can tell it's an election year because so many noncrises are suddenly urgent priorities. Real median household income is still lower than it was in 2007, the smallest share of Americans is working since 1978, and the Russians are marching west, but Democrats are training fire on race, gender and the grievances of identity politics.

The Rule of the Lawless
Kevin D. Williamson: National Review
Deserts always feel like my natural habitat, and I am very fond of them. That being said, I have, for my sins, spent a fair amount of time in Clark County, Nev., and it is not the loveliest stretch of desert in these United States, or even in the top twelve.

Cooking the ObamaCare Stats
Wall Street Journal: The Wall Street Journal
You can't manage what you don't measure, as the great Peter Drucker used to say, and for the White House that seems to be the goal. Out of the blue, the Census Bureau has changed how it counts health insurance-at the precise moment when ObamaCare is roiling the insurance markets.

Study finds more immigrants equals more Democrats --- and more losses for GOP
Byron York: Washington Examiner
Republicans are famously divided on immigration reform, but Democrats pretty much unanimously support it. There's a reason for that.

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