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CBS News: Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos find common ground through Trump
Daily Caller: Trump Compares Selling Baby Parts To 'Selling Parts To An Automobile
Washington Post: Yet another truce in the Trump-Fox News 'death struggle'?
NY Daily News: Donald Trump ends feud with Megyn Kelly, says he has 'much bigger things to think about'
Mediaite: Trump to Ingraham: 'I Actually Liked Megyn Kelly's Show Last Night'
Politico: Donald Trump and Foxs Roger Ailes strike a truce, again
Daily Caller: Trump Says Kelly 'Bimbo' Tweet Wasn't 'A Big Deal' -- 'That Was A Retweet'
Washington Examiner: Trump reverses on Kelly: 'She was very nice'
Donald Trump: Planned Parenthood is an "Abortion Factory" That Sells Baby Parts Like Automobiles
Washington Times: Donald Trump: Jeb Bush is 'failing' in part 'because of his brother'
Newsmax: Trump on Feud: Fox Chief Ailes Is 'Good Friend,' 'Great'
Washington Times: Donald Trump: I actually liked Megyn Kelly's show 'very much' last night
The Hill: Trump vows no more 'bimbo' tweets
The Hill: Trump: Jeb is 'failing' because of his brother
Washington Post: With 'anchor babies,' another distraction for Jeb Bush's campaign
Breitbart: Chris Christie: Jeb Bush Out Of Touch, Keeps Making Mistakes
Washington Examiner: Christie channels Trump, blasts Jeb over 'anchor babies'
WND: Donald Trump: Warrior Male Extraordinaire
Breitbart: Feds Forcing Release of Criminal Aliens, Says Texas Sheriff
The Hill: Trump's border plan splinters Republican field
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