Email of the Day
Clint from TX on October 10, 2013
I had really tough teachers when I was a kid and they taught me lessons that have helped make me successful today. Mrs. Stanley, my 4th grade teacher is the most memorable. She was tough but fair.
Elaine from KS on October 9, 2013
This government is flexing its muscles and inflicting pain on the American people by keeping us out of OUR national parks and monuments. This should serve as a warning to all Americans - just think what the government will be able to do when it owns the health care system...
Tanya from MS on October 8, 2013
I'm currently furloughed but I think it's worth it in order to shut down the government. Hopefully, Americans will see just how bloated the government is and how many unnecessary programs it supports. These are your tax dollars at work, and they're being wasted.
Rita from NC on October 7, 2013
People are being kicked off of their property because they live on federal land, but President Obama lives on federal property. Maybe he should be made to vacate as well...
Mitch from MN on October 4, 2013
Laura, thank you for staying on the immigration debate. The government shutdown is important, but if we aren't careful, House Republicans are going to sneak through an immigration bill and go to conference with the Senate.
Earl from FL on October 3, 2013
I'm glad to hear Congressman Southerland does not want to go to conference over immigration reform. House Dems. and Republicans like Paul Ryan are going to try and sneak something through and we need conservatives in the House to fight back!
Ken from MS on October 2, 2013
The Obama admin. should be deeply ashamed for prohibiting the WWII vets from seeing their own memorial. The media may be with the Democrats right now, but the people must be for the GOP.
Becky from Lansing, MI on October 1, 2013
The Democrats refuse to compromise with House Republicans over Obamacare even though the House keeps sending new CR's to the Senate . Shutting down the government is bad for hundreds of thousands of Americans, but we we cannot give up the fight!
Janice from Wichita, KS on September 30, 2013
I'm so glad the Republicans are fighting to defund Obamacare, but I don't understand why Boehner didn't remove the Obamacare exemption for Congress in the latest iteration of the CR. Americans are not exempted from Obamacare. Congress should not be either.
Eric from MI on September 27, 2013
Ted Cruz stood up for the people and is one of the few voices ringing out against the Establishment. That is exactly what America needs right now.