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Download Niger Innis: Academia's Hyper-Obsession With Grievance Identity Politics is Harmful to Our Republic - November 14, 2017
Download Graham Allison: China seeks to displace the United States, and it is on Track to Do So - November 13, 2017
Download Stephen B. Presser: WaPo Has Used The Nuclear Option on Roy Moore; There's Been a Herd Mentality with the Rush to Judgment Calling Him a Pedophile - November 13, 2017
Download Foster Friess: I Never Would've Considered Running Had Bannon Not Called Me Up And Asked - November 09, 2017
Download Michael Pillsbury: Trump Using a Smart Approach in China, Using Their Own Culture Against Them - November 09, 2017
Download Julie Belshe: A 'Private Guardian' Took My Elderly Parents From Their Home Without Notifying Me - November 07, 2017
Download Byron York: The Bushes Slamming Trump is Chapter 4 of Billionaire at the Barricades Playing Out Before Us - November 06, 2017
Download Gov. Greg Abbott on TX Shooting: The World Has Evil in It, But the Only Way to Defeat Evil is to Rely Upon God. - November 06, 2017
Download Brian Kilmeade: There is a War on History Going on and We Are Witnessing it Firsthand With These Monument Controversies - November 03, 2017
Download Rand Paul: We'll See Growth, But This is Not a Significant Tax Cut - November 02, 2017