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Download Col. Jim Waurishuk: I Don't Know Why W. Bush is Pushing Globalist Rhetoric - October 20, 2017
Download Rep. Mark Walker: Anytime You Have Lamar Alexander and Others Trying to Placate Susan Collins on Healthcare, it's Not a Good Deal - October 19, 2017
Download Rep. Sean Duffy: GOP Will be Destroyed if They Don't Pass Tax Reform - October 12, 2017
Download Football Legend Lou Holtz: Standing is About Respect for the Country; We Need Unity in the Locker Room for the Right Reasons - October 06, 2017
Download Special Ops Army Veteran Brett Velicovich: A bump stock ban won't keep us safe, there are too many ways to get around it - October 06, 2017
Download Tom Fitton: Opposing Donald Trump is Always Going to Be First and the Constitution Second With Russia Investigation - October 05, 2017
Download Bill O'Reilly on Going Back to Fox: It Was Like a Big Party, So Great to See My Old Staff and All the Wonderful People There - October 05, 2017
Download Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Vegas Shooter Was Likely Radicalized; I'm Mystified as to Why Law Enforcement Hasn't Released Hotel Footage - October 04, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: The De-Christianization of America Plays a Role in the Cultural Decline Leading to Shooting - October 04, 2017
Download Larry Kudlow: The Republicans Can't Let Themselves Be Mau-mau'd by the Left's Tax Reform Hysteria - September 29, 2017