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Download Sen. Tom Coburn: I honestly don't know how some members of Congress sleep at night; our character is missing in Washington - June 26, 2015
Download Bill Kristol : Confederate flag and other symbols would be perfectly fine in a museum; but activist will not stop here - June 26, 2015
Download Ann Coulter: Slams Chief Justice Roberts for Upholding Obamacare - June 25, 2015
Download Sen. Sessions: "There's an orthodoxy in the conservative field that all trade is good. That's not always the case." - June 25, 2015
Download Rep. Ken Buck: Leadership is holding secret meetings on the TPP deal, it's clear leadership is retaliating against anyone voting against them. - June 24, 2015
Download Rick Santorum: The Republicans are playing into this political game in South Carolina, it's important to know our history. - June 24, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: The time and expense we have used to remove monuments is sad, a nation that forgets its history loses it's soul. - June 24, 2015
Download George Will: Democrats on Hillary; If you have no choice, you have no problem. Of course they look upon this with a certain complacency. - June 23, 2015
Download Doug Gross: [Former Finance Chairman for GWB &Romney] Iowans say Jeb is a Bush, the Republicans in Iowa are looking for someone to lead us. - June 23, 2015
Download Rep. Mark Meadows: "90% of my colleagues did not read TPA/TPP. The only person that could hold the president accountable is Paul Ryan." - June 22, 2015
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