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Download Roger Stone - May 21, 2018
Download Alan Dershowitz - May 21, 2018
Download Senator David Perdue: Immigration is Killing Us, We Are Filling up the Labor Rolls with People Who Aren't Qualified to Work - May 16, 2018
Download Mike Pillsbury: This ZTE Decision Makes the President Look Bad, I Worry Not Taking Bolton's Advice Makes him Look Weak - May 16, 2018
Download Joe diGenova: Rosenstein and Sessions Have Been Told 'Your Jobs Are not Secure' - May 15, 2018
Download Donald Trump Jr.: Media and Democrat Hysteria is Only Helping Republicans in 2018 - May 14, 2018
Download HHS Secretary Alex Azar: The President is Attacking this Tough, and We're Going to Bring Down Those Drug Prices - May 14, 2018
Download GOP House Majority Leader McCarthy on Holding Sessions in Contempt: "You've Got to Put Everything on the Table" - May 09, 2018
Download Dershowitz: The Media Doesn't Hold People Responsible for Their Past Views - May 03, 2018
Download Brent Bozell: I've Never Seen a Network so Obsessed with One Thing Than CNN is with Donald Trump - May 01, 2018