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Download Carly Fiorina: "I Don't Assume Obama's Fast Track Trade Authority Is A Good Policy." - May 06, 2015
Download Pamela Geller: Did Her Anti-Islam Event Go Too Far? - May 06, 2015
Download Peter Schweizer: New Book, 'Clinton Cash,' Questions Foreign Donations to Foundation - May 05, 2015
Download Rubio's Plan To Fight ISIS Over There AND Over Here - May 04, 2015
Download Sen. Corker: Will The Corker Bill Block Obama's Iran Deal? - May 04, 2015
Download Dr. Charles Steele: Advocates Non-Violence Protest in Baltimore - May 01, 2015
Download Victor Davis Hanson: Jeb Bush is an example of a unique Republican culture thats part of the old boys club. - April 30, 2015
Download Jonah Goldberg: Hillary Clinton is like Charlie Sheen talking about sobriety. - April 30, 2015
Download Gov. Kasich: Just because you have power and wealth doesn't mean you should be a member of the government. - April 30, 2015
Download Rep. Jordan: "Not repealing Obamacare and now we are going to cave on trade, how does this make sense." - April 29, 2015
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