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Download Ron Hira: FWD.us CEO advocates for immigrants NOT the American worker - June 02, 2015
Download Walt Heyer: [Former Transgender] No one can change your gender, its all cosmetics and now I am back to my birth gender - June 02, 2015
Download Dana Milbank: "Every political candidate for 2016 will have their day. At the end the people will back the most powerful candidate." - June 02, 2015
Download Sen. Rand Paul: Takes On 'Eye Roll' Caucus to Oppose Data Gathering in Patriot Act - June 01, 2015
Download Jason Matthews:[Former CIA Agent] "I think the Kentucky Senator has disqualified himself from being an effective Commander in Chief." - June 01, 2015
Download Debate on TPP/TPA: Dan DiMicco vs. Dan Ikenson - May 28, 2015
Download Gov. Rick Scott: Rips 'Obamacare Expansion Plan' As Budget Impasse Continues - May 27, 2015
Download Larry Kudlow: "I think Scott Walker is right about not participating in Florida for 2016 race." - May 27, 2015
Download Gov. Scott Walker: "This country is not doing enough to stop radical Islam. We need a government that is small enough to succeed." - May 26, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: Our Republican Nominee Has to Hold Hillary Accountable, It Is a vital To Have A Nominee That Will Throw the Punches - May 22, 2015
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