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Download Larry Kudlow: "I think Scott Walker is right about not participating in Florida for 2016 race." - May 27, 2015
Download Gov. Scott Walker: "This country is not doing enough to stop radical Islam. We need a government that is small enough to succeed." - May 26, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: Our Republican Nominee Has to Hold Hillary Accountable, It Is a vital To Have A Nominee That Will Throw the Punches - May 22, 2015
Download Col. Shames: The Importance Of Honoring Our Military - May 22, 2015
Download Gov. Jindal: Why Bobby Jindal pushes religious freedom over same-sex marriage - May 21, 2015
Download Ron Fournier: "Hillary is doing more than just not telling the truth, she is running a terrible campaign bringing out the worst in her." - May 20, 2015
Download Rep. Brat: "There's Only A 20% Chance 'Fast Track Trade' Will Pass, Congress Is Skeptical." - May 19, 2015
Download Bob Baer: "ISIS is something like I've never seen in the Middle East. We Have To Do More, Kerry's Comments Are False." - May 19, 2015
Download George Will: "The Fact Is We Made A Horrible Mistake In The Iraq War" - May 18, 2015
Download Kirsten Powers: The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech - May 15, 2015
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Bill Gertz - National security columnist for The Washington Times and Senior Editor at The Washington Free Beacon
Larry Kudlow - Conservative economist, television personality and newspaper columnist
Kimberly Guilfoyle - Author of "Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate"
Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL)
Ingraham: Appeals Court Denies Bid to Let Obama Immigration Plan Proceed
Larry Kudlow: "I think Scott Walker is right about not participating in Florida for 2016 race."
Laura Ingraham on President Obama's Memorial Day speech
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