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Download Bill O'Reilly on the Media and April Ryan: They're Not in Business to Promote the News, - November 12, 2018
Download UNMASK ANTIFA: Former Attorney General Mukasey joins Laura to discuss opening a RICO investigation into Antifa and other issues. - November 09, 2018
Download Bob Hugin Reveals he's Received Little Support from the RNC in New Jersey - October 31, 2018
Download Steve Scalise: The President Struck the Right Tone in Condemning these threats, I wish the Left Would Be More Vocal When There are Attacks on the Right - October 25, 2018
Download Josh Hawley for MO: Missourians need a Senator Who Reflects Their Values - October 23, 2018
Download Craig Shirley: We Need to Stop Using the Left's Language, Including the word 'caravan' -- this is a mass invasion & a roving mob - October 22, 2018
Download John Cornyn: Beto Appears to be Running for President in 2020, not for the Senate in Texas in 2018 - October 12, 2018
Download Grassley: Public Officials All Ought to Set an Example of Civility, Maxine Waters is encouraging instances like what happened to Ted Cruz and Sarah Huckabee Sanders - October 10, 2018
Download Sen. Perdue on Liberal Activists Accosting Republicans in Public: This is a George Soros Conspiracy, and it needs to be stopped - October 03, 2018
Download Lighthizer: Claims that Auto Industry will be harmed by this are 'nonsense,' it will bring a lot of jobs back to Mexico and Canada - October 02, 2018