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Download Mike Pompeo interview - December 20, 2018
Download Major Garrett Interview: "This President is more accessible to White House reporters than Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. There's just - November 20, 2018
Download Georgia's Governor-Elect Brian Kemp Joins Laura To Discuss His Victory Over Stacey Abrams, Who Still Refuses To Acknowledge His Election As 'Legitimate' - November 19, 2018
Download 'Democrats Don't Care Whether Votes Are Legal Or Illegal' - Newt Gingrich joins Laura to discuss the midterms and voting problems in Florida and Georgia - November 14, 2018
Download Bill O'Reilly on the Media and April Ryan: They're Not in Business to Promote the News, - November 12, 2018
Download UNMASK ANTIFA: Former Attorney General Mukasey joins Laura to discuss opening a RICO investigation into Antifa and other issues. - November 09, 2018
Download Bob Hugin Reveals he's Received Little Support from the RNC in New Jersey - October 31, 2018
Download Steve Scalise: The President Struck the Right Tone in Condemning these threats, I wish the Left Would Be More Vocal When There are Attacks on the Right - October 25, 2018
Download Josh Hawley for MO: Missourians need a Senator Who Reflects Their Values - October 23, 2018
Download Craig Shirley: We Need to Stop Using the Left's Language, Including the word 'caravan' -- this is a mass invasion & a roving mob - October 22, 2018
Download John Cornyn: Beto Appears to be Running for President in 2020, not for the Senate in Texas in 2018 - October 12, 2018
Download Grassley: Public Officials All Ought to Set an Example of Civility, Maxine Waters is encouraging instances like what happened to Ted Cruz and Sarah Huckabee Sanders - October 10, 2018
Download Sen. Perdue on Liberal Activists Accosting Republicans in Public: This is a George Soros Conspiracy, and it needs to be stopped - October 03, 2018
Download Lighthizer: Claims that Auto Industry will be harmed by this are 'nonsense,' it will bring a lot of jobs back to Mexico and Canada - October 02, 2018
Download Shelby Steele: Liberalism will die an ugly death, and it will hurt people in the process - September 26, 2018
Download Dershowitz: Michael Avenatti is Muddying the Waters, He Taints the Credibility of Everything he Touches - September 24, 2018
Download Joe diGenova: If Republicans postpone the vote, I guarantee you they will lose the Senate because Republicans are sick of Senators not fighting back - September 19, 2018
Download Ken Starr: Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Would be A Profound Injustice - September 17, 2018
Download Rio Grande Sector Border Chief: There is a Convergence of the threat categorically between drug cartels and MS-13 - September 12, 2018
Download Kevin McCarthy: That Wall is Gonna Get Built, and in California it's Already Being built - September 12, 2018
Download Art Laffer: Obama literally had the worst recovery ever in American history - September 11, 2018
Download Pat Buchanan on Anonymous Op-Ed: This is nothing but a stunt by the NYT, the White House Has Let Itself be Too Taken by This Whole Thing - September 07, 2018
Download Darrell Issa: Sessions Doesn't Have it in Him to Get to Reopen the Investigation into Hillary Clinton, He Hasn't Done the Job - August 30, 2018
Download Laura and Raymond Discuss the Challenges Facing the Catholic Church, and What it Means for the Faithful and the Country - August 28, 2018
Download what we are hostage to is the congress, these kinds of agreements should be bipartisan, we can work together
Lighthizer: The WSJ has been unkind to the President's trade policies - August 28, 2018
Download The Media's Focus on Family Separation Distracts from True Migrant Abuse Committed by Cartels and Human Traffickers
Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens - August 14, 2018
Download Rand Paul Joins the Laura Ingraham Show From Russia with Love After Weeklong Trip to the Soviet Union - August 14, 2018
Download Niger Innis: Omarosa Wreaked Havoc on the Trump Administration and the African American community she was supposed to serve. - August 13, 2018
Download Avery Price, hero who stood for the national anthem despite hereditary spastic paraplegia, calls in to The Laura Ingraham Show! - August 10, 2018
Download Dr. Mark Christian: "I am an Immigrant and they are taking what you said out of context completely." - August 10, 2018
Download Dinesh D'Souza on his Latest Movie, Death of a Nation - August 10, 2018
Download Craig Shirley Destroys the Media's Sloppy Analysis of Reagan's Immigration Policy - August 10, 2018
Download Bill Bennett: "I've Never Seen Anything Like the Attacks on Administration Officials from the Media Like I Do Today" - August 09, 2018
Download Andy McCarthy: Ridiculous for Media to Claim There's No Such Thing as a Perjury Trap - August 09, 2018
Download Roger Stone: It pains me as a conservative, but it's time to treat Big Tech companies as public utilities. - August 08, 2018
Download Don Jr. Exclusive on Trump Tower Meeting: Adoption was the Primary Discussion, It Was a 20 Minute Meeting About Essentially Nothing - August 06, 2018
Download Secretary Wilbur Ross: Trump's Plan is Straightforward, Increase the Pain on China to the Point Where They'll Find it Less Painful to Trade Fairly - August 02, 2018
Download Newt: A Democratic House Would be a Nightmare, There Would be Never Ending Hearings - August 02, 2018
Download Lindsey Graham: This is the Best Economy of My Political Lifetime - July 31, 2018
Download Listen: Gregg Jarrett in studio with Laura discussing his #1 Amazon Bestseller The Russia Hoax - July 31, 2018
Download Pat Buchanan: Russia is not the power it once was, if we could meet with Kruschev and Gorbachev when Russia was a menace, why can't we do it now? - July 26, 2018
Download Sean Spicer on His View from Behind the Podium in his new book "The Briefing" - July 24, 2018
Download Judge Jeanine Pirro: Trump Needs to Get Out on the Stump Again and Explain to Americans Why He's Doing What He's Doing - July 18, 2018
Download Rand Paul: John Brennan will go down in history as the most biased CIA Director in history. - July 18, 2018
Download Dan Hoffman: John Brennan was behind Obama's reset policy, the most naive policy toward Russia in our history. - July 18, 2018
Download Greenwald on John Brennan's 'Treason' Comments: It's Complete Lunacy - July 17, 2018
Download Grassley to Schumer on Kavanaugh Nomination: "Loosen Up, Chuck, and remember our history" - July 17, 2018
Download Nigel Farage: I Have Never Seen Middle England as Angry as They are Right Now, The Parliament Needs to Bring Theresa May Down - July 11, 2018
Download Mike Lee: If Democrat Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh Weren't So Comical They'd Be Scary - July 11, 2018
Download Shannon Bream cancels live SCOTUS show because of safety fears - July 10, 2018
Download DiGenova: Paul Manafort Cannot Get a Fair Trial in the District of Columbia in a Politically Charged Case - July 10, 2018
Download Christian Whiton: Theresa May had a lot of Potential with her Premiership but has been a disappointment, I call her 'Talentless Theresa' - July 09, 2018
Download Craig Shirley: The Supreme Court is Everything, It is a Vitally Important Decision for POTUS - July 09, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: Bret Kavanaugh is a brilliant writer, textualist and constructionist judge; would be a great choice - July 09, 2018
Download Alan Dershowitz: Mike Lee is My Favorite Trump's List of Potential Justices, He Has an Extraordinary Legal Mind - June 28, 2018
Download Newt Gingrich: We're going to have to get tougher and tougher on China; They've Exploited Every Opportunity to go to a Rules Based System - June 27, 2018
Download SC Congressman Norman -- Goodlatte Could Have Passed if Trump Had Pushed For It, Much Stronger on Chain Migration than current bill - June 26, 2018
Download Art Arthur: Due Process is Satisfied in the Expedited Removal Process - June 26, 2018
Download LI Caller: The Left is Bringing Us Back to the Vietnam Era - June 25, 2018
Download Nunes: Violence Like we Saw with Scalise Shooting - June 25, 2018
Download Huckabee: After Asking Sarah Sanders to Leave, Red Hen Owner organized a protest outside the restaurant where Sanders' family dined - June 25, 2018
Download LI Caller in the Asphalt Paving Industry Describes His Experience at a company dominated by illegal immigrant workers - June 22, 2018
Download Rep. Dave Brat: Leadership Needs to Bring Up the Goodlatte Bill Again; Goodlatte Bill Was 15 Votes Short but 'Compromise' Bill 100 Votes Short - June 22, 2018
Download Nigel Farage: Teresa May is the worst PM England has ever Had - June 21, 2018
Download Roger Stone on Meeting with Russian National: He Tried to Sell me Dirt on Clinton for $2 million and I Laughed in his Face - June 18, 2018
Download Dershowitz: Michael Hayden's "minimized" the Holocaust with his tweet comparing migrant camps to Nazi concentration camps - June 18, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: It's obvious Hillary's server was set up in her home to avoid FOIA requests that would reveal embarrassing information - June 14, 2018
Download Inhofe: We All Understand the President Has the Authority to Impose Tariffs, Corker Hates the President & Will do Anything he Can to Inflict Damage - June 13, 2018
Download Graham Allison: North Korea negotiations a big win for the US, we are far better off than we were a year ago. - June 13, 2018
Download Peter Navarro: I don't understand how self righteous Canada wants to be, we would've had a NAFTA deal if they hadn't been dragging their heels - June 08, 2018
Download John Cox: We're going to turn this state around and we'll see a new day in California - June 04, 2018
Download Buchanan: Trump is an Economic Patriot - June 01, 2018
Download Judge Mike Mukasey Interview - June 01, 2018
Download Dinesh D'Souza on Pardon: Obama's team of Goons was Unleashed to Get me in Retaliation for my Movie about Obama - May 31, 2018
Download Shelby Steele: Racism Has Become Virtually Meaningless - May 30, 2018
Download Roger Stone - May 21, 2018
Download Alan Dershowitz - May 21, 2018
Download Senator David Perdue: Immigration is Killing Us, We Are Filling up the Labor Rolls with People Who Aren't Qualified to Work - May 16, 2018
Download Mike Pillsbury: This ZTE Decision Makes the President Look Bad, I Worry Not Taking Bolton's Advice Makes him Look Weak - May 16, 2018
Download Joe diGenova: Rosenstein and Sessions Have Been Told 'Your Jobs Are not Secure' - May 15, 2018
Download Donald Trump Jr.: Media and Democrat Hysteria is Only Helping Republicans in 2018 - May 14, 2018
Download HHS Secretary Alex Azar: The President is Attacking this Tough, and We're Going to Bring Down Those Drug Prices - May 14, 2018
Download GOP House Majority Leader McCarthy on Holding Sessions in Contempt: "You've Got to Put Everything on the Table" - May 09, 2018
Download Dershowitz: The Media Doesn't Hold People Responsible for Their Past Views - May 03, 2018
Download Brent Bozell: I've Never Seen a Network so Obsessed with One Thing Than CNN is with Donald Trump - May 01, 2018
Download Rand Paul: We haven't had a Republican president brave enough to criticize the Bushes until now, Trump has exceeded my expectations in every way. - April 24, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: If true, it would be striking for someone as thorough as Mueller not to have attempted to speak to Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya - April 23, 2018
Download Ronna McDaniel: Dem Lawsuit Reeks of Desperation, They're Looking to the Past and Failing to See That Their Candidate Ran a Terrible Campaign - April 23, 2018
Download Former LA ICE Agent Claude Arnold: 1-2 Busloads a Day of Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the Border per Day - April 20, 2018
Download Steve Moore: Manufacturers are bullish on the future and talking about expanding their operations as a result of the tax cut - April 18, 2018
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