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Download Mexican Immigrant: Illegal immigrants should be deported - November 25, 2014
Download Columbian immigrant outraged that millions of illegals think they have the 'God-given right' to become citizens - November 25, 2014
Download Her husband who works in construction has been hurt by Obama's extreme immigration agenda - November 24, 2014
Download Communities should not lift ban on pit bulls - November 19, 2014
Download Gruber should have to return all of the money he received from the American tax-payer - November 18, 2014
Download As a religious American, I'm not allowed to have an opinion - November 14, 2014
Download Obama is waging a war on blacks, hispanics, lower-income Americans and legal immigrants - November 13, 2014
Download We are forgetting what the holiday season is really about - November 12, 2014
Download Left of center caller broke with Democrats because of their position on immigration - November 11, 2014
Download The GOP has turned its back on the voters - November 10, 2014
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