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Download The Latinos the Establishment refuses to listen to - October 22, 2014
Download Legal immigrants want an immigration policy that protects their wages - October 22, 2014
Download Truck driver wages have been slashed because of his employer reliance on guest workers - October 22, 2014
Download I'm horrified for our country. - October 16, 2014
Download Congress should be called back to vote on travel restrictions from Ebola-stricken countries - October 15, 2014
Download Caller, who committed vehicular homicide while high, opposes legalization of marijuana - October 07, 2014
Download So many of America's problems today are due to the fact that we've taken faith and God out of our culture. - October 06, 2014
Download Black American males are taking it on the chin under Obama's immigration policy - October 03, 2014
Download Our representatives refuse to tell us where illegal border children are being sent - October 02, 2014
Download I'm against illegal immigration "out of love"-- out of love of country and sovereignty - September 25, 2014
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