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November 7, 2012 8:08 AM
'Skyfall' not just a great Bond movie, its a great film to boot
Posted by Staff
Fox News:

“Skyfall” opens with an extravagant bang, slinks into Adele’s catchy and cool opening number and closes with a heavy heart. But its the two-and-a-half hours sandwiched between that make "Skyfall" not just one of the greatest Bond films the canon's 50-year history, but one of the most exciting, intense thrillers of the past decade.

Director Sam Mendes has crafted a visceral and emotional thriller that makes Bond a real character, not just an archetype. Writers Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan infuse the film with an emotional core, showing the troubled layers beneath Ian Fleming’s iconic hero. Bond is given a back story and an objective that hits close to home, giving the movie and the character an emotional weight and fervency previously absent in the franchise. Not that “Skyfall” is so serious it becomes pretentious popcorn entertainment; on the contrary it still maintains that classic panache and humor that we all have come to expect in a Bond film.

Daniel Craig is back and better than ever. Still a fantastic Bond, Craig’s development as a 21st century 007 is just as enticing to watch as the incredible action scenes. This Bond is a ruthless killer first and foremost. He’s a trained beast on a very long leash held by M. Craig keeps the seemingly immortal Bond feeling mortal. This Bond is not impervious to harm and Craig’s rugged, beaten exterior and somewhat haunted psyche portrays this. Facebook Fark Furl
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